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Live from Ghana...Teach on the Beach scholars and volunteers sharing pictures, videos, and stories about our work in Busua, Ghana.

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    Presentation by Agbo William

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    William Agbo

    July 30, 2013

    Contact Person: A woman

          I woke up a bit sick today and did not want to get up from bed. But I think it I also felt a bit lazy because at least I could do a little cleaning in the room and do something all though I was sick. Something clicked in my mind and reminded me that this week was the last to finish my Siena College Course so it was very adviseable to finish hard irrespective of my condition. I had some pescriptions from last time when I felt the same feelings like headache, really warm and throat infection.  After eating breakfast, I rested for sometime and took the medications afterwards hoping to make a change in my body.

         Whiles resting, I called my Director at my internship site and asked him if there was an additional work he would like me to do today at the site. He said a couple of them and one  was to  check the mail to find out any informations and  two to re -message the Cyclus Elmina Company if they haven’t replied to the first message concerning the pick up of plastics.  Around 11:00 am I felt a bit better so I went to the site with a sac of pure water sachet in hand. It took me 4 minutes to get there and took my computer and sat under a shade tree to work. A lot of students are on break now so lots of kids and their parents passed by to go to the farm. It was really nice to see the way they were in line walking close together and smiles on their face and having a conversation along the way. I had a conversation with a woman and she said now that school is on break, my son will be bringing more plastics to the site. I told her we can’t wait and explained to her that we even are trying to get most of the pilled up sacs disposed. Going through the mail, I found no new messages but the only message from Cyclus Elmina was that they had a problem with their truck so after it has been repaired they will immediately come to retrieve the plastics.


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    Henrietta Vusiakorn


    Black star development

    When I got to the site today at 8:30 am,Ebenezer my site partner introduced me to some men from the Water Works Company who had come to inform my partner about their plans to distribute chlorine (a chemical substance used in water filtration) and educate the people how to use them which  will  be given to every household in the community. We signed some few paper works for approval and they would like to get back to us in the first week of August that will be when the actual exercise takes place.

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    Divine Lawson July 23th Busua Primary School Internship

    Today I got to the school at exactly 10:30 am which is not usually the actual time for me to show up this because i got a message from one of our volunteer who is currently teaching as an assistant teacher for primary 6 that the teacher assign for basic 6 hasn’t shown up yet. So I call the actual teacher for primary 6 seeking her permission to interview her, but i guess our interview arrangement didn’t go as plan for she has to mark,record and access the student of primary 6 marks on their exam.

    Because i wanted to do something productive at my service site, i help her mark,record and assess the kids performance academically. Indeed i was impress with the kids performance even though there are a few of them who didn’t perform well! I was shocked and surprised as one of the student parent showed up at the school pleading with the teacher to promote one of their kids to the next class. I was really disappointed as some parent will contribute to their kids failure, the teacher assign to primary 6 is awesome as she boldly tell the parent that she will not promote any student who did not perform well in the class.

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    "Watch the little things in Life because the little things can sink a great ship."
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    William Agbo

    July 23, 2013

    Contacts Person:  Sammy Junior

      Today marks the interview section of my internship at my service site (Busua Plastic Recycling Center). Before that I had written all my questions down in the morning in order to be prepared. I involved my community partner yesterday concerning the interview and figuring a time that wouldn’t affect the time that I would spent at the site. All were figured out yesterday but I called Ebenezer Felix Bentum in the morning for keys to open the site so I can go over there and start work. Before that I went to a shop nearby who had already filled their sacs containing plastics and gave it out to me because they were willing to contribute. Emmanuel’s son a good friend of mine handed it out to me and even gave me a mountain bicycle to ride with since i had  a lot in hand. I thanked him for the good gesture and it was also smart.

     I rode the bicycle to the site,  dropped off the sac, sent it back and walked with a plastic chair in hand back to the site. I cleaned up the site and arranged the plastics into the various sacs respectively and that took me almost half an hour. In the site something was bothering me about the absence of Cyclus Elmina since they still haven’t showed up to take away the plastics from the Busua Plastic Recycling Center. I decided to send them an email concerning their absence and how its making our work difficult here as well. I hope they get back to me on time.


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